I’m an admirer of Cuban culture. I love how Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and other Latinos incorporate English words into their particular brand of Spanglish.

Note: some of these are just “disparates” I’ve heard over the years. Please accept this blog entry with the affection with which it was intended.

The Growing Cubonics List:

This is just a starter list; please enter your own below and I’ll add them.

Ambége = hamburger
Otdó = hot dog
Quácke = Quaker Oats
Conflé = Corn Flakes, or ANY cold cereal
Sángweesh = sandwich
Esláy = Slice
Quéi = cake

An actual sign from a Little Havana bakery

Bibaporrú = Vick’s Vapor Rub
Bébi Yónson = Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Baby Aspirin
Pécksi = Pepsi
Esprái = Sprite
Colgáteh = Colgate toothpaste

Tinsé = Thin Set
Chípi Jáme = chipping hammer
Chi Ró = sheet rock
El Fórley = the fork lift
La Casina = lacquer thinner

Esparplú = spark plug
Páwed Estíri = power steering
Fígaro = fill it up
Picó = pickup truck
Transpoteíchon = junk car “jalopy” only good for “transportation”.

El Públi = Publix
Blu Cro Blu Chiz = Blue Cross Blue Shield
Macdóna = McDonald’s
Toy Serao’ = Toys ‘R’ Us
La Vaquita = Farm Stores
El pollo del viejito = KFC
El Cuiche = Quick Chek (defunct grocery store chain from the Winn-Dixie family)
Guindíci = Winn-Dixie
Jofú = Whole Foods
Cóco = Costco
Besbái = Best Buy
Papayón = Papa John’s Pizza
Picksa Hó = Pizza Hut
Dónki Dónah = Dunkin Donuts

Household items:
Pin-pam-pum = fold away bed
Frijidáire = any refrigerator (Frigidaire)

Lató = lap top
Copiúti = computer

Mayamidéi = Miami-Dade
Cora Géibo = Coral Gables
Coco Nogró = Coconut Grove
Jónste = Homestead
Déilan = Dadeland
Tirate al mar = Miracle Mile
Ayuda de Juan = US1
Nodee = Northeast
Noweh = Northwest
Sauee = Southeast
Saueh = Southwest

Jónle = homeless
¿Guasápeninmeng? = What’s happening man?
Guarejáu = warehouse
Flonquear = to flunk a class
Day care = take care
Dayó = day off
Ícotá = income tax
Da sol = That’s all
Cóli = college

Bueno, da sol for now. Please add your own below! Day care.