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I’m Steve Roitstein, founder and bandleader of the Latin Grammy-nominated Afro-Cuban Funk band PALO!. Thanks for being on our mailing list. Please reply with any questions or comments.

PALO!’s New Bandmembers

It’s so exciting to begin the decade with a surge of new energy and talent. I’m thrilled to welcome Miriam Martinez (vocals & percussion), Dannah Santiago (vocals, flute & percussion), Julio Cesar (vocals & percussion), and Otto Santana (percussion & vocals). These gifted artists join forces with me (keyboards, beats & vocals) and of course, Aldo Salvent (sax & vocals) and Dayron Gallardo (congas & vocals), who have both been with PALO! for several years.

Check out videos of the new lineup from our most recent show at Ball & Chain for “Pa’ Changó” ( FacebookInstagram) and “Yo Quiero Guarachar” (FacebookInstagram). Oh, and while you’re there, make sure to “Like” our Facebook Page and “Follow” us on Instagram.

PALO! YouTube Updates:  New Video Uploads

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Upcoming PALO! Events

Come see PALO! at Ball & Chain on Friday, February 28, 10pm: No cover charge. 21+.

Thank you!

Steve Roitstein