Hi PALO! Fan,

It’s Steve from PALO!.  I hope you and those close to you are doing well.  Thank you for being on this list.  As always, I’d love to hear back from you.

I’m writing to thank you for your support. PALO!’s friends and fans provide the encouragement to get us through any challenge.

YouTube Subscriptions
During these difficult months, our fans have asked how they can help us, knowing we currently can’t play any shows. A perfect example of how you’re probably already helping is being a subscriber to the PALO! YouTube Channel.

If you’re not already subscribed, please take a minute and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. While you’re there, click on the little bell icon so you will get notified when we upload a new video.  It helps us immensely. And it’s free!

“Echa un Palito” – Best First Day of Any PALO! Video
Because of the huge increase in YouTube subscribers on the PALO! channel, our most recent upload, “Echa Un Palito” enjoyed the best initial 24 hours in the history of our channel. It more than doubled the previous best first day!

Agua Pa’ Los Santos” Passes One Million YouTube Views
Another reason to be grateful. People seem to love this song, “Agua Pa’ Los Santos”, dedicated to the miraculous healer, Babalú Ayé.

Thanks for being there for us. Take care and be well. We’ll see you on YouTube!


Steve Roitstein