PALO! Hits the Dominican Republic for the First Time

Miami, FL, April 24 2016.- (Minaya PR) The band PALO!, nominated for a GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY for their album PALO! Live, are arriving in the Dominican Republic for the first time. They will appear on Friday, May 6 at Escenario 360 and Saturday, May 7 at the Arturo Fuente Cigar Club in Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital.

“We are very happy to be coming to the Dominican Republic with the support of the fans and great friends we have there. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship we have developed with our Dominican team.” said musician Steve Roitstein, leader and founder of the band.

In their tour of “Quisqueya”, they will have a high profile promotional presence in the mainstream media, with the full band traveling from Miami, their home base, where they perform frequently. The band will also be touring extensively in the near future; in July they will travel to France, Luxembourg and Belgium for major music festivals.

The group, founded by its leader Steve Roitstein, presents a new musical concept called “Afro-Cuban Funk”, which could be described as funky salsa, infused with jazz improvisation. This exceptional sound is what is leading them to travel the world, and the important recognition from the industry.

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