(Thanks to Pepin Rivero for the translation)

Old Havana, where nostalgia becomes stained glass windows.
Awkward steps on cobblestone, elegant breeze of the sea.
Footprint of a tired Spaniard.
Bay with an enlarged belly, crossed by a ship that kisses her brightness.

Eh eh La Havana, eh eh La Havana

Listen, I’m telling you, come to Havana and you’ll see
that in my Havana you can dance and really have a blast.

A Chevrolet from the forties groans and sighs as it passes by
And Havana kissed it in the central park
The lions of the Prado roar when they see it going by.
The city remains calm watching the people arrive.

Singing of violent waves, singing of a cheerful sparrow
When the waves calm, so will I
Neighborhood that cradles its sorrow, longing for better times.
Where are you going to have fun? Where are you going to enjoy yourself?
Yeah, you’re gonna have fun and dance in Havana
The whole city of Havana will enjoy it
Laugh and dance in your own way.
Pack your bags, we are all leaving for Havana
For a party that will last until tomorrow

La Havana buena, La Havana buena. (The good Havana)