(Ciro Rodriguez – Peer International Corporation)

Chorus: Walk and come to the hill.

What a beautiful morning on this green pasture
Come on, my dark-skinned man, I await you
On this immense savannah (Chorus)

When the sun is behind the hill it throws its rays to the world
It brings a hopeful light to the sunrise (Chorus)

Isn’t the aroma sent off by the green countryside intoxicating?
Don’t you find the flowers’ perfume redeeming? (Chorus)

Come with me to the hill
To see the sun at daybreak
I wait for you in the hut
So you can hear the river’s whisper
I tell you come, come, come
Come with me to the hill
Come to the hill

Walk, walk, walk, walking
I’ll follow you if you keep on going
Walk, walk, and keep on walking
You’re almost to the hill, you’re getting there walking
I’m waiting, I’m waiting
Look, walk and come with me to the hill