Literally “Lengua Larga” means “Long Tongue” but refers to a gossiper.

What a long tongue you have (What a gossiper you are)
So long you could step on it
You’re like a gossipy old lady
Dragging rumors all around the neighborhood

Your mouth is deeper than a well
And it opens more often than a mailbox
You’re a library
That only has fiction
They give you a couple of notes
And you convert them into a whole song
You could be a salsa singer (sonero)
With so much improvisation (Chorus)

With you, secrets don’t exist
You just can’t keep your mouth shut
You always end up repeating everything
Worse than a broken record
You’re like the news broadcast
Quick and without delay
Announcing to the whole neighborhood
All of the latest gossip (Chorus)

What a long tongue you have
Ay, shut up that tongue, look, you’re gonna kill me
You’re so into your gossip, your beans are burning
If you keep gossiping I don’t know what’s gonna happen
Stop that tongue, just stop it
The tongue that you drag around the whole city