(Leslie Cartaya, Steve Roitstein © 2009 Riot Music, all rights reserved. ASCAP)

Okra, okra
Give me anything but okra

So, the other day
They invited to me dinner
Telling me they had made
Some delicious food
I spent all afternoon
Preparing my palate
But what I didn’t know
Was what I would find. What do you think? (chorus)

There I was, imagining
A nice pork roast
Topped with onions
And crushed garlic
Or a piece of yuca
Floating in mojito sauce
But forget it, brother
No yuca, no pork. (chorus)

I prefer pork with potatoes
You know that very well

So why do you bring me to Senen’s house?
His vegetarian grandmother
Only makes
Health food soups
That I can’t stand (chorus)

For Yemaya, Ochún, and for Changó

Look, I bring okra
Listen, I bring my okra
I’m bringing beautiful flowers, Changó