(Leslie Cartaya, Steve Roitstein © 2009 Riot Music, all rights reserved. ASCAP)

(Chorus) Cigar and rum for my saint, cigar and rum.

I light a cigar for you, my little mother
And I adorn your altar to make it pretty
Ay, look, my saint, give me your good energy
I put all my faith in your hands (Chorus)

On my knees, I come to ask you
Which path I should take
Guide my steps, free me from bad things
And cleanse me with the water that flows from your springs (Chorus)

Cigars from natural leaves are the ones I like
I bring the best for my saint, I tell you
Look, my saint, I want to give you presents
I want to give you lots of pretty things
So you can clear my path
So your love can guide my destiny
Take, take the cigar and rum
Take it!

Look, my saint, I want to give you
A cigar from natural leaves is what I want to give you
I bring a cigar and rum
An offering that comes from my heart